The following rules represent the Agreement between FinderWork (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and the User of the website services (hereinafter referred to as the Site), under whose terms and conditions the User uses the information and services provided by the Site. In the texts on the site and letters, the following rules are called “Site Rules”.

1. User Responsibilities

By accepting this Agreement, the user undertakes to fully follow these rules when working with the site.

1.1. Do not mislead other users or the administration of the site.

1.2. Do not create multiple accounts on the site, if in fact they belong to the same employer or individual.

1.3. Do not post deliberately poor quality or fake information.

1.4. Do not use words typed in capital letters only if they are not abbreviations.

1.5. Do not publish ads that offer jobs in areas such as: earnings on the Internet, email processing, mass e-mailing, network marketing, requiring material investment, gambling, erotic and occult services.

1.6. Publish vacancies only in the city in which the employee will actually work.

1.7. Do not publish several of the same or differing only in the title of the resume or vacancies.

1.8. The headlines of resumes and vacancies do not allow repetition of words

1.9. In the headlines and job description do not post information on more than one post.

1.10. Do not use the Site to distribute promotional materials, including not to publish, under the guise of vacancies or a summary, proposals to register on third-party sites, announcements about job or staff recruitment services, partnership and cooperation.

1.11. Do not publish insults, obscene statements, and other materials that harm the Company or third parties.

1.12. Do not post information calling for the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the recognition of illegal administrative-territorial entities on the territory of Ukraine, containing the names, symbols, propaganda of separatist or terrorist organizations.

1.13. Do not post on the site information that may relate to the collection and storage of personal data about other users.

1.14. The name of the company to publish without quotes, brackets and other characters, starting with the name. Further, a comma (optional) can be specified form of ownership or type of activity.

1.15. Choose categories exclusively in accordance with the subject of the title. If you want to add an additional affiliation to any thematic category to your vacancy or resume, indicate this affiliation directly in the title of the resume or vacancy.

1.16. The content of vacancies does not publish the requirements for sex, age and other discriminatory requirements for candidates (part 3 of article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Employment").

1.17. The user agrees that he is fully responsible for the information he places on the Site, including compliance with legal requirements, copyright compliance, the authorized use of company names, the use of logos, signs for goods and services (trademarks), and also for respecting the rights of third parties in connection with posting information on the Site. In the event of claims from third parties related to the information posted by the User, the User undertakes to settle these claims independently and at his own expense.

1.18. User agrees to use the Site in accordance with this agreement, as well as applicable and applicable laws in this area.

2. Limitation of liability

The company is not responsible for:

2.1. For the content of materials published by users.

2.2. For harm, damage and any other damages that may arise when using the Site.

3. Company rights

The company reserves the right to:

3.1. Modify the Site on your own.

3.2. Change the cost and types of services, their terms.

3.3. Edit or delete materials published by the User on the Site, if they do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, harm the Company or third parties, and in their sole discretion without giving a reason.

3.4. To use for their own purposes the materials published by the User on the Website and which are publicly available, in particular, for posting materials on the websites of partners.

3.5. Make changes to this Agreement unilaterally. The user is considered notified of the changed conditions of the Agreement since the publication of the amended version of this Agreement on the Site



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